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Urban Survival Outfitters
USO Mission Statement

It is the goal of our group to be prepared in the event of a disaster.  Whether it is a Natural disaster, EMP or financial collapse of the dollar bill, the result will be the same. Electricity will be out and food supplies will disappear within hours maybe even minutes. The one thing we know for sure is there will be total chaos. We at the USO will be prepared to ensure the survival of our friends and families. From building shelters, making fire, to gathering food and water, we will teach and live by these principals everyday. We will be capable of surviving the worst of scenarios.

We are still running 2 trips a year based around minimal to no gear. From Canoeing to hiking. The latest trip was a 7 night canoe trip with minimal gear on the Allagash River in Maine. We are working on another website being Hit Web Design Closed it's doors without fulfilling it's obligation. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in one of the trips.
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